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Ten things you need to know about dental implants

At Fresh Dental Care, we see dental implants change lives on a daily basis. Although dental implants are usually the best solution for tooth loss, you should do your research and find out as much as possible about the treatment. Here, we talk about ten things you need to know about dental implants.

1. Dental implants preserve bone loss

The roots of your natural teeth are securely embedded into the jawbone and provide a support structure that enables your teeth work properly. If you lose one or more teeth, the bone can begin to deteriorate because it no longer serves a purpose. This results in bone loss.

At Fresh Dental Care in Maidstone, we use dental implants because of their potential to protect the bone. Dental implants act as an artificial replacement for tooth roots and have exactly the same function. They stimulate the bone, causing it to strengthen and bond with the implant, which means that the loss of bone density associated with treatment options such as dentures no longer occurs.

2. Dental implants can protect the integrity of your facial structure

When we lose a tooth or teeth, the resulting bone loss and the gaps in your smile can result in some changes to your facial structure. For example, your mouth can develop a sunken, older appearance, speech can be more difficult and even your cheekbones may appear less defined as you compensate by changing how you bite. By protecting the integrity of your jawbone, and helping you to speak and bite properly, dental implants from Fresh Dental Care can preserve your natural appearance.

3. Dental implants safeguard your adjacent teeth

We offer Dental implants in Maidstone, because dental implants are placed in the site of a lost tooth, it is not necessary to file down or in any way damage healthy neighbouring teeth. At Fresh Dental Care, we believe that dental implants provide the best solution for safeguarding you against later problems caused by decay under a bridge, for example.

4. Dental implants have a better long-term prognosis than bridges

Dental implants have a better long-term prognosis than any other method of tooth replacement, including bridges. This is because, by bonding to the bone and substituting your natural roots, they can restore the function, strength and appearance of your teeth for many years to come. In fact, if looked after properly dental implants from Fresh Dental Care can last a lifetime.

5. Dental implants are more cost effective than some other treatment options

Although dental implants are among the more costly dental treatments initially, their long-term benefits and durability mean that you should not need to keep spending money on correcting your teeth. One limitation of bridges, for example, is that, because we have to file down healthy adjacent teeth, they can lead to decay and instability in the future. Similarly, dentures often need to be refitted or remade regularly in response to bone loss. Dental implants at Fresh Dental Care can prove to be a cost effective to restore your smile.

6. Dental implants are as strong as your natural teeth

Because your jaw bone grafts to your dental implants, the finished prosthetic has the equivalent strength and function to your natural teeth. This means that you can bite into an apple or enjoy a piece of steak with confidence. Dental implants are about as close as we dentists can get to competing with Mother Nature.

7. Dental implants can be colour matched

The artificial tooth (crown) that we fit to your dental implant at Fresh Dental Care can be perfectly colour matched to your natural teeth. This means that no one need ever know that you have dental implants.

8. Restore your self-confidence with dental implants

One of the greatest things about dental implants at Fresh Dental Care is that we have people come to the practice with the most awful cases of tooth loss and leave with a perfectly restored smile. These are people who have forgotten what it’s like to show their teeth to the world without feeling self-conscious, who may have stopped smiling at their loved ones, and have been dealing with constant discomfort or pain. Dental implants not only restore smiles, but can give you your confidence back.

9. Dental implants are widely tolerated

Dental implants are widely tolerated with success rates of around 95%. You need to be dentally fit to have dental implants at Fresh Dental Care, which might mean giving up smoking to improve your chances of healing or making minor changes to your lifestyle, but the end result will be worth it.

10. Not every dentist can fit dental implants

A dentist who specialises in oral surgery should fit dental implants. At Fresh Dental Care, we have extensive experience and credentials when it comes to fitting dental implants. To find out more, you can book a consultation.