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The role of dental implants in helping to deal with tooth loss

Tooth loss is an unfortunate situation which can occur in many people as a natural part of old age, however by maintaining good oral hygiene throughout your life and visiting your dentist on a regular basis, at least every six months, more so where necessary, tooth loss can be delayed significantly if not prevented completely.

Tooth loss can be traumatic, uncomfortable and an embarrassing situation to find yourself in. If unfortunately you find yourself in this situation, whether it has occurred as a result of poor oral hygiene, or if you have been in an accident which has resulted in trauma to your mouth and knocked out a tooth or teeth, then at Fresh Dental Care we are here to help you. Even if you have avoided the dentist for a long time and have lost a tooth, do not hesitate to speak to us as soon as you can. By contacting us immediately and visiting your dentist as soon as possible, not only will you help relieve yourself of the discomfort or embarrassment that comes with losing your teeth, you will also help prevent potential detrimental effects on your surrounding teeth. By avoiding the dentist, not only will you be putting unnecessary pressure on the surrounding healthy teeth, but tooth loss can also result in bone decay if left unattended.

Speak to us at Fresh Dental Care and find out about the different treatment options that are available for you and how we can relieve you of this situation.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants Maidstone are an effective form of tooth replacement therapy which has become highly popular throughout the last few years here at Fresh Dental Care amongst dentists and patients alike, due to advances in dental technology.

Dental implants Maidstone provide a convenient, comfortable and sturdy alternative to dentures or other dental prosthetics alone. They are small titanium components which work as a replacement for the root of your missing tooth. Dental implants Maidstone work by being inserted directly into the root socket of your missing tooth and integrate themselves into the alveolar bone of your jaw. The composition of the dental implant initiates a natural bodily process known as osseointegration in which new bone cells form around the dental implant, so that it becomes permanently embedded in the bone. As this is a natural process it can take several weeks, but once your dentist is happy that successful osseointegration has occurred then your prosthetic of choice, whether you decide to have a crown, multiple crowns or a set of dentures, is then attached to the dental implant using an abutment which works as a connector post and holds the prosthetic further in place.

Dental implants Maidstone are a highly effective form of tooth replacement therapy, because the implant provides the stability and function of a strong and healthy tooth root. As it becomes embedded into your bone it also provides comfort, supports your surrounding healthy teeth and helps promote better oral health for you overall. Speak to us at Fresh Dental Care and find out more about dental implants and how they can help you deal with your tooth loss and allow you to smile happily and confidently again very soon.