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Top 7 reasons to have dermal fillers at Fresh

Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to rejuvenate your appearance without the need for expensive surgical procedures. Read on to find out about the other benefits of dermal fillers treatment at Fresh Dental…..

  • Benefit from a safe and highly effective procedure – Here at Fresh, our team are medically qualified to carry out the procedure for dermal fillers. This procedure should never be performed by anyone who does not possess the correct medical credentials, as this could result in irrevocable damage to the skin and your overall health. The team at Fresh have ample experience with this.

  • A welcoming team and atmosphere – we value the personal touch and will always seek to address any anxieties you might have or answer any questions you would like to ask.

  • Natural solution – Dermal fillers use a substance that is naturally-occurring in the human body, known as hyaluronic acid. When you grow older the body produces less hyaluronic acid which makes the skin appear saggy and less hydrated. Your dentist will inject the substance into your body, rejuvenating your appearance by increasing definition and restoring volume.

  • Benefit from a pain-free and non-invasive treatment – Dermal fillers are a simple procedure taking between 15-30 minutes and involve non surgical elements – a better alternative to surgical cosmetic procedures. You can leave our practice straight after treatment as there is no recovery time involved and you can resume your normal daily activities immediately.

  • Your facial expressions are not jeopardised, unlike with some cosmetic surgical procedures – Dr Marcus Spry will target specific facial muscles so that you get noticeable results where your fine lines and wrinkles appears smoother, whilst retaining your natural facial expressions.

  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence – Certain lifestyle choices can fast-forward the ageing process, which can leave you feeling low in confidence about the way you look. Dermal fillers are a fast-acting solution to a healthier and more youthful-looking face, giving your back your desire to smile. Your first treatment will also lay the foundations for future treatment, rendering facial aesthetics treatments slightly longer-lasting in the future.

  • Benefit from a long-lasting treatment – dermal fillers can last between 4-18 months, though this varies from one individual to another and depends on your general health and wellbeing.

If you would like more information about dermal fillers and facial aesthetics at Fresh Dental, please do not hesitate to contact us.