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What are the benefits of straightening teeth with Invisalign?

That straightening teeth can be a life-changing decision is not as far-fetched as it may at first seem to be. Granted, this fact may be easier to believe if one had to suffer excruciating pain as a result of misaligned jaw problems and then find relief through orthodontic treatment. Or, for someone with bad bite issues, the wonderful delight of being able to eat without accompanying pain.

But here’s another scenario to consider: imagine what it would be like for someone who no longer needs to be embarrassed by their awkward crooked smiles that they can smile an infectious toothy grin and be confident about it. Orthodontics can bring all this about and, as a forerunner in orthodontic solutions, Invisalign Maidstone can help patients achieve it.

At Fresh Dental Care, we take the orthodontic goals of our patients very seriously which is why we aim to offer trusted solutions such as Invisalign Maidstone that deliver healthier mouths and happier smiles. How can you benefit from straightening your teeth with Invisalign Maidstone? Read on to find out.

The perks of straightening teeth

Improving your bite or straightening crooked teeth can have a major impact on one’s life in the following ways:

Improved dental health

This is the first benefit we like to speak of because it leads to so many more positives. Teeth in proper alignment are easier to brush, floss and keep free of cavities. Healthier teeth keep gums healthy which means reduced risk of dreaded gum disease. It must not be forgotten that healthy teeth and gums are also essential components of a great-looking smile.

Maintains bone density

Jawbone quality is preserved by the stimulation from the teeth that sit above it. When there are gaps in between teeth, the jawbone can deteriorate over time. By maintaining proper spacing between teeth, orthodontics helps protect jawbone density.

Clearer speech

It may not be the most obvious advantage of having straighter teeth but improvements in speech is a notable benefit nonetheless for it boosts confidence when engaging with others. In addition to biting and chewing, teeth help produce certain speech sounds. They do this mainly in two ways: by directing airflow and functioning as a point of contact for the tongue.

Protects teeth from injury

Teeth that jut outwards are in a very risky position. They are directly in harm’s way of being knocked out or damaged should a patient receive trauma to the face. Wearing braces helps to shift teeth back into natural alignment, reducing the risk of extensive damage from facial trauma.

Creates a positive first impression

An attractive smile has a profound impact on making a positive impression on others. Those who wear dazzling smiles are more likely to be perceived as intelligent, friendly and kind and this is probably why such a smile is considered an asset.

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