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Why your dental hygiene is important

Dental hygiene affects many areas of your life, extending beyond your mouth and teeth.

Fresh breath

A poor brushing and flossing routine in combination with the consumption of certain foods can cause bad breath, which in turn can affect your confidence and wellbeing. Sometimes, simply changing your diet and implementing the right dental hygiene habits can help combat bad breath, though there are circumstances where bad breath is not down to dental hygiene upkeep. Fresh Dental can help if this is the case and refer you to the correct specialist if it is something non dental-related.

Emotional wellbeing

Plaque and tartar causes obvious staining that can leave you not wishing to smile as much as you might normally. A dental hygienist can perform what is known as a ‘scale and polish’ which involves a deep clean of your teeth to remove tenacious staining that can not be removed through brushing alone. The build-up of plaque and tartar is normal and occurs overtime though it manifests more quickly through poor brushing and flossing. Your dental hygienist can show you how to brush effectively and methodically.

Healthy-looking teeth

Visits to the hygienist are essential in maintaining good dental hygiene. The roles of a dentist and a hygienist differ and you should aim to visit the hygienist at least once a year in order to keep on top of your oral hygiene and ensure that any problems are spotted as early as possible – it can be difficult to spot complications yourself.

Dental hygiene and your overall health

Health problems that are linked to poor dental hygiene include tooth loss. If you leave decayed teeth for too long, you may risk losing the tooth altogether which will leave you in need of an implant or denture. Avoid the need for these by visiting your dental hygienist regularly, as a missing tooth can impact upon your wellbeing and confidence.

If you would like more information about oral hygiene treatments at Fresh, please do not hesitate to contact us.